Which shrub grows faster to make an effective and flowery screening hedge? Maintenance tips


Have you just bought a new house, or are you simply dreaming of a bit of privacy on your Parisian balcony? All you have to do is create a green curtain as quickly as possible. Naturally, the question arises: which shrub grows faster to make a hedge? We will give you the five species with the most rapid growth to plant in autumn. And because we are friendly, we reveal to you the favorite of the writing of a little-known shrub, but with breathtaking flowers. You will also find planting tips here. What are the people asking for? Come on, dear gardeners, let’s go for a pleasant gardening moment.

A shrub can protect you from the wind or hide an unsightly wall

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Our selection today is concentrated on only five varieties. You can consult our article on the essential fast-growing evergreen shrubs for our other references.

#Private (ligustrum) – an evergreen shrub with compact and beautiful foliage

The privet is the star of hedges. And without reason, it visually creates a compact effect with its shiny little leaves. It is straightforward to grow and can reach a height between 1 and 3 m. Its only requirement is that it is not very resistant to drought. Its growth is fast and vigorous, perfect for our day’s subject. The rate at which it grows is 30-40 cm per year. Its advantages are numerous; it supports pruning, gives off a fragrant smell, and makes small decorative fruits. The fall season is ideal for planting privet.

Attention, the fruits of the private are toxic for us

torene toxic black fruit green leaves

#Camellia (Camellia) – a colorful winter bloom

The Camellia is a beautiful flowering shrub with a reputation for being difficult to grow. But beautiful things don’t make our lives easier, do they? Its foliage is exquisite, and its flowers have magnificent colors. The Camellia grows best in somewhat acidic, slightly moist, and excellent soil. However, there are no exposure requirements. Its foliage is evergreen and glossy. For abundant flowering, consider removing faded leaves and pruning after flowering. The perfect time to plant camellias is in the fall. In this way, rooting will take place before winter.

The Camellia appreciates the culture very well in a tub or pot.

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#Griselinia (Griselinia littoralis) – a colorful screen

Griselinia is a very fast-growing evergreen shrub. It will bring exoticism to your hedge with its shiny light green foliage. This shrub will brighten up your wall with light and break the monotony. It likes the sun and resists heat. Its height is between 3 and 5 m. Griselinia is not inconsistent with the soil. Its flowering is melliferous, which is good for the biodiversity of your garden. You can plant it this fall for quick results.

Lightly prune gruselinia after flowering.

a shrub with unforgettable flowers and unique griselinia evergreen shrub fast growing hedge

The Mexican orange tree is perfect for a hedge, isolated, or in a pot. It has a reputation for being decorative all year round, with its evergreen foliage in winter and its fragrant bloom in spring. Its flowers are an exhilarating white that will bring light to your hedge. Its port is very compact and rounded. The maximum height of the Mexican orange tree is 3 m. It is very hardy and thrives in excellent, well-drained soils. It is more generous when placed in the sun on the flowering side.

The Mexican orange tree does not require any particular pruning

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#Hazelnut (Corylus avellan) – a shrub for a productive hedge

The hazel tree is a sympathetic bushy shrub. It can sometimes exceed 3 m in height and enjoys rapid growth, mainly since it produces our favorite hazelnuts harvested in September. Cool, light soil will do for this shrub. On the other hand, it loves the sun. Therefore, it is essential to plant two different varieties to promote fertilization if you want to have fruit. Fall is the ideal planting time for this shrub.

The foliage of the hazel tree is quite decorative and refined

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The most beautiful shrub with unforgettable flowers

The editorial staff has decided to devote an entire chapter to this shrub full of surprises. You will want it in your garden; there is no doubt about it. We stop the suspense by presenting you with the Feijoa. We can only remain in awe of the beauty of nature that takes shape with the flowers of Feijoa. Originally from Brazil, this shrub stands out with an imposing flowering that gives acid fruits. Its habit is naturally bushy, which makes it the ideal candidate for your hedge. Its white flowers have huge red stamens. It’s evergreen and has beautiful green leaves. It is pretty hardy and tolerates ordinary soils. Like any exotic plant, it loves the sun.

Feijoa flowers are also edible.

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What is the correct distance between two hedge shrubs?

To successfully plant your hedge, you will need our practical advice. The first thing to know and that you should not plant your shrubs too tightly. Because in a few years, you will have to pull them out. Admit it, it’s not very useful and costs you money. What landscape gardeners recommend is to space 1.50 m between two feet. It may seem too much to you, but in reality, the shrubs can reach 3 m in width. So timing your hedge to maintain a reasonable height and width is essential.

If you are in a hurry, you can already buy plants with a height of 1.50 m

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It will help if you put in some effort to have a beautiful and well-kept hedge. The tips of the tallest stems must be pruned every year after flowering for flowering shrubs. This is necessary to give your plant strength to make branches. Watering is also a huge point to take into account. In the first year of planting, regular watering is mandatory for properly developing your shrub. Mulch with wood chips to protect your hedge during frost. Because a damp cold can be much more harmful.

Drip irrigation is a good solution for watering your hedge

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What distance should be kept to plant a hedge?

To keep good relations with your neighbors, some laws determine the planting distance of your hedge from the fence. Trees and shrubs taller than 2m must be planted at least 2m from the boundary. Trees and walls that do not exceed 2 m can be produced at 50 cm from the fence. You have understood it; to be in the rules, you must cut your hedge to reach a height of 2 m. In this case, 50 cm and 1 m from the fence is a reasonable distance.

Did you know you can pick up all the neighbor’s fruit that falls into your garden?

This is the end of our article today. We hope to have answered the ultimate question, which shrub grows faster to make a hedge? In addition, you have some ideas and valuable advice for successfully creating and planting your green wall.


The spruce

camelia pink flower green leaves

Feijoa fruits are full of vitamin C and are great for detoxifying

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A splendid flowering hedge of Cape Plumbago



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