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Many people buy smaller houses when choosing an apartment just for the summer holidays. However, to be comfortable, it is necessary to furnish the house with meticulous commitment and a scrupulous examination of available spaces. Where to start? We leave you some tips for providing a holiday home of 50 square meters (m2), so you can have the rest you deserve.

How to furnish a 50 m2 house: the basics

Whether by the sea or not, to furnish a house of 50 m2, it is essential to remember that:

  • Furnish a tiny home means providing a minimalist style and giving up the extra;
  • It is necessary to optimize spaces to have a functional home;
  • brilliant furniture must be used in all areas of the 50 m2 apartment.

Here are some examples:

1. How to furnish a tiny house: minimalism that works

minimalist houses
house and garden

Sometimes we think of a minimalist house as an empty house: but this is not the case. On the contrary, the minimalist style aims to eliminate the extra and organize the spaces to keep everything in order, which is precisely why it is ideal for furnishing a small house.

One minimalist kitchen, for example, can be furnished with base furniture and a double row of wall furniture with covered doors so as not to give up any large appliances and still have space to store food, utensils, and pans. Choosing white as the decoration color will help keep the room from looking too crowded.

2. How to have a functional home: take advantage of all available spaces

folding beds

To be functional, a 50 m2 beach house should be exploited to the fullest; for example, furnish the room with a bed with storage. In addition, it helps store suitcases and takes advantage of a space that would otherwise go unused.

3. How to furnish a small apartment: do not give up brilliant furniture

how to decorate holiday homes
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Especially in a beach house, you may need to host friends and relatives for short periods. So enough to furnish the living room (or open space) with a brilliant piece of furniture made up of a folding double bed and built-in sofa, complete with fabric cushions that are very easy to clean from the sand. ingAlso, opting for wood-colored furniture will make it easier to beautify with furniture in soft shades of blue.

Furnishing a 50 m2 house by the sea: how to recover space in the bathroom

sanitary killer

THE bathroom also deserves special attention because it will be the most used division in the summer. Therefore, to optimize the use of space and feel comfortable, installing a floor-level shower With anti-limescale folding glass doors: is accessible to the clan and leaves the environment free of any obstruction when showering.

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