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It was cooking in kitchens with islands. In a kitchen with an island, it’s a unique experience, an everyday routine that is a masterpiece of refinement and style, and above all, in convenience and comfort. In reality, it is a kitchen with an island that is functional and highly comfortable since it permits you to cook in the dim lighting of the wall. At the same time, simultaneously, you can do other things like watching television or observing the kids.

However, how big can a kitchen with an island size have to be?? Can it be integrated into a smaller space? What is the most popular fashion at the moment? We address these and many other issues in this article devoted to kitchen design.

What size should a cooking island in your kitchen be?

The dimensions of a kitchen with an island will depend, among other things, on how it’s designed to be used: the ones who want to put all of the extensive equipment on an island and use it as a center of nerves to prepare meals will require a structure that is at least 150x200cm, and to that is added 100/120 centimeters of room to allow passage, movement, and opening of drawers and doors. The base and wall units could be placed on one or more walls by the available space.

Small kitchen with an island? It’s possible.

tornviken is Ikea furniture that lets you design a tiny kitchen with an island. It can, at a minimum, make the decoration dreams come true. It measures 72x52x90cm. Therefore, it can be used as a countertop; it is available in white, wood, and wood and gray color combinations and can be paired with any of the kitchen designs available, which offer an ideal mix of structure and function.


Modern and white, the most adored island kitchen

The kitchen with an island The most sought-after is the contemporary, bright white, and it is often paired with wood-effect porcelain tiles to create a striking contrast.

The most popular style is one that has the island laid out similarly, and an omnipresent location concerning the furniture on the base, wall furniture, and ovelargepliances (such as fridges and ovens) set up in front of the wall. In addition, the island is usually fitted with a stove (with or without an extractor fan), dishwasher, washing machine, and dishwasher for cooking and washing the food in as much light and space as possible.


Kitchen with an island, as well as a table

The second and last on the list of styles and functionality is the island kitchen with an attached table. Adjustable or fixed according to the needs.

This furniture option is excellent for those who wish to create a place to serve snacks and other food items inside the kitchen or those who don’t want to build tables to fill an area in their space.


What is the cost of a kitchen with a center Island cost?

The cost of a kitchen with an island center is contingent upon the high-end material and the manufacturer, the dimensions, the design, and the appliance chosen. Generally speaking, the minimum price is approximately 8000 euros for a high-quality product.

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