Thorigny. 10 years of shared gardening: the Déborde garden celebrates its anniversary

The Jardin Déborde in Thorigny-sur-Marne celebrated its 10th anniversary this summer 2022. ©La Marne

In Thorigny-sur-Marne, rue des Bordes, this shared garden is overflowing with life and projects. Ten years after the creation of the Déborde garden by a team of enthusiasts, it is still the same enthusiasm that drives them. Meeting with these extraordinary gardeners.

In 10 years, they have turned the plot into wasteland ! When you enter through the discreet little door of this garden, the magic operates immediately.

Transported into a bucolic universe, the gaze is lost on all sides. The nature abounds between the last summer vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini), the first autumn vegetables (squash, butternuts, leeks), the trees still full of fruit (peaches, plums, apples, figs), the multiple aromatics that surround each square of plantations, the artistic decorations of odds and ends, the singing of hens of the chicken coop and further on the buzzing of bees around the 4 hives.

Working with climate change

Welcomed by Marie Ehlinger, the president of the association, as well as Denis and Isabelle, active members of the garden, we visit this place by sharing the anecdotes and the projects that abound just as much.

By working in this garden and especially by being attentive to it, you really become aware of climate change and the importance of seasonality.

Marie Ehlinger, president of the Jardin Déborde association

Cultivated in permaculture, always respecting nature, these gardeners are implementing ingenious tricks, for example to limit water consumption and loss. This summer, with the drought, they laid oyas (terracotta pots filled with water which diffuses slowly through porosity), at the foot of the most fragile plants.

“Each moment spent in the garden helps to anchor memories, observes Denis, because each step is significant; the date is remembered with reference to the work of the moment.”

A place to discover for gardening and creating social ties

Life in the garden creates social link, sharing tasks and pleasures. Together, we discover and we learn. “Our members are of all ages, all social classes,” adds Marie. “This is also the richness of the garden”. “This summer, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a big party,” they comment proudly.

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It is this renewed enchantment that the actors of this somewhat hidden universe describe with undisguised pleasure but which seeks only to be discovered. The garden hopes attract new followers to continue the adventure. So don’t hesitate any longer, offer a little of your time and share in exchange for delicious products that you have helped to grow.

We bet that for its next decade this educational garden will have won the hearts of many new fans. In the meantime, find the team at Festi’Terre Festival in Chanteloup-en-Brie on September 24 with two culinary workshops, between 10 a.m. and noon.


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