The best places to practice water sports on the Brazilian coast


São Paulo, SP, 23 (AFI) – A vast territory with varied landscapes, Brazil is also a country open to the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The warm climate makes it a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, whether they are looking for surfing or underwater exploration. There is no doubt that both salt and fresh water play an important role in the practice of various water sports.

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The best places to practice water sports on the Brazilian coast, (pixabay)

With more than 7,000 kilometers of coastline ideal for surfing and kitesurfing, diving and other activities, sports fans will find plenty of reasons to practice their favorite sport, whether in northeast coast destinationsfrom the Southeast coast or on an island of dreams.

See, then, the sports for you to enjoy on Brazilian beaches, starting with surfing, which is very popular.


The Brazilian coast offers such a profusion of beaches and waves that some surfers no longer hesitate to compare the country with Hawaii. A particular example is the beach of Cacimba do Padre, on the island of Fernando do Noronha.

The place is called “Havaí do Brasil” and it is certainly the place to be visited by surfers. With waves that reach almost five meters in height, the best time to visit this surfing paradise is between the months of November and March.

In the south of the country, Joaquina, in Florianópolis, is also a must-see with its powerful waves. The best time to surf is from March to May.

Praia de Itaúna, in Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro, is another destination that combines the pleasure of surfing with dreamlike landscapes. Still in Rio, Búzios, the “Brazilian Saint Tropez”, is famous for its sport. Finally, Itacaré, in the south of Bahiais filled with formidable waves.


The Northeast of Brazil has some of the best kitesurfing spots on the planet. For lovers of water sports, kitesurfing has become ideal, combining the pleasure of surfing and feeling the wind. The vast beaches of the northeast coast, with their constant trade winds and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, have made this region of Brazil a paradise for kitesurfing practitioners.

The sport has been gaining popularity thanks to the evolution of equipment, which facilitate learning and have a reasonable acquisition cost. Practitioners will find ideal conditions for kitesurfing on the beaches of Pipa or São Miguel do Gostoso, in Rio Grande do Norte; Combuco, in Pernambuco; or Jericoacoara, Ceará.

In addition to sport, these beaches are relatively wild, making kitesurfing a spectacular experience. The winds blow from west to east, without interruption, and make it possible to practice kitesurfing almost all year round, however, the best period is between June and December.


Brazil is also a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts, whether snorkeling or scuba diving in the sea, or floating in fresh water. Divers are offered a diversity of underwater life, as well as beautiful excursions to rocky sites and shipwrecks. One of the best places in the world to practice diving, without a doubt, is the island of Fernando de Noronha.

Located 300 kilometers from Recife, capital of Pernambuco, in the middle of the Atlantic, this ecological sanctuary provides adventurers with a seabed rich in many species of corals, sea turtles, sharks and colorful fish. With more than 25 points to perform the activity, Noronha is an exclusive place that should be at the top of the list of destinations for diving fans.

For those who love calm waters, floating is the perfect choice. The sport takes place on the surface and practitioners are calmly carried by the current while observing fish and underwater plants. The floating in Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, is one of the most famous in Brazil and can be performed in different rivers and springs.


The purpose of stand up paddle is to stand on a large flat board, vertically, on the surface of the water. Steering is controlled by a large double-edged paddle. In addition to being a good physical exercise, it is also an excellent way to get in touch with nature.

Good places to practice stand up paddle in Brazil are Praia Vermelha, in Rio de Janeiro; Praia do Madeiro, in Tibau do Sul (RN); and Baía dos Golfinhos, in Governador Celso Ramos (SC). At Baía dos Golfinhos, visitors can have the company of docile animals while practicing the sport.

Stand up paddle can also be practiced in fresh water – and one of the most incredible places for the sport is, again, Bonito (MS). The place offers the ideal tranquility for the practice of the activity, in addition to providing all the exuberance of the flora and fauna that surrounds it.

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