Summer tan: 6 easy tips to keep it until fall


The sun is getting shy, and the end of summer is fast approaching. But that shouldn’t mean giving up on your tan. Instead, it will be necessary to use deception to keep this skin fresh, rested, and tanned, despite the return of autumn. Vogue spoke with the makeup artist Dear Webb to learn how to keep that famous tan all year round.

1. Establish a good skincare routine

“The most important thing for a superb healthy glow is to adopt a good skincare routine so that the makeup applied afterward only enhances the natural radiance of” the skin,” explains Dear Webb. Bet on exfoliating acids such as AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs (respecting the instructions indicated) and on antioxidant vitamin C, which boosts luminosity.

SkinCeuticals – Vitamin CCE Ferulic Anti-Wrinkle Antioxidant Serum

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2. Invest in a glowy effect primer

The makeup artist no longer goes without her illuminating prim for an instant radiant looker. “By preparing luminous skin from the start, you get a considerable head start on the makeup phase,” she continues. “The Perfector Vita Liberata Face Blur is my favorite multi-purpose primer; it immediately gives a healthy glow and boosts radiance. Then, I use it as a base and add concealer on top.”

Vita Liberata Beauty Face Blur 30ml – Claire Makeup primer


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3. Not too much

If you want a dewy complexion that isn’t too cluttered, stick with a tinted moisturizer, balm, or even a simple concealer. “To this base, add products that will intensify the glow and others that will warm up the complexion with a little color,” she advises. “Bronzers are great for that. My tip: after tapping on the excess powder, sweep your brush over the forehead, then at the temples and under the cheekbones to gently sculpt the face.” For a more pronounced effect, she delicately passes the color on the eyelids and the bridge of the nose.

Pai Skincare – The Impossible Glow Bronze

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4. Light up

“Properly illuminating your skin is the secret to a glowing complexion: so I use a liquid or cream highlighter to create volume and add a touch of radiance. It should be applied to key areas of the face, starting with the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and the inner corner of the eye”, recommends Dear Webb. His favorite product? The illuminating fluid Les Beiges by Chanel melts on the skin and can be mixed with your base or moisturizer to boost luminosity.

Byredo – Solar Flare Color Stick

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Fenty Beauty – Liquid Killawatt Fluid Freestyle Highlighter

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5. The sunburn effect

How to recreate this superb “sunburn” effect that always drives social networks crazy? First, you have to place your blush strategically. “Sweep a pink, red, or coral blush over the cheeks and nose. Then, apply the blush high enough on the cheeks, where the sun naturally hits during a walk on the beach, or follow the contours of sunglasses”, explains the makeup artist.

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Rare Beauty – Blush to Stay Vulnerable

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6. Dare freckles

“Summer in all its glory, they appear when the skin is soaked in the sun,” says Dear Webb about freckles. So nothing could be simpler than underlining them or even drawing them to reproduce an authentic healthy-glow effect. “Eyebrow pencils work great for creating fake freckles because their undertones blend perfectly with the natural skin tone,” says the expert. which matches your eyebrows and draw small dots on the nose area and the top of the cheeks.” Then gently blend the product with your fingers for a realistic blend.

Makeup Revolution – Freckle Me Dark Brown


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Translation by Sarah Mandos.


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