Sticky method: what is this trick to camouflage skin imperfections and make make-up last longer?


Your makeup only lasts a few hours before it fades? Do you want to camouflage redness and imperfections without having the impression of a makeup mask on your face? Then you will love this trick!

Everyone has had acne, redness, and dark circles once or more. It’s normal, we are a priori all humans, and our skin can react to different factors such as hormonal changes, stress, or unsuitable products. Moreover, Brigitte Dréno, head of the department of dermato-cancerology at the University Hospital of Nantes, explained in the columns of Madame Figaro that the buttons would touch 20% of adult women versus 5% of men. If some do not feel the need to camouflage these various imperfections and assume them in broad daylight, others prefer to use makeup, and it’s ok! After all, everyone does what they want with their skin.

If this is your case, know that a trick called the sticky method has gone quite viral on TikTok. The concept? We will explain it to you.

Step 1 of the Sticky method: the sticky base

Get the stickiest skin so that makeup can stick to the skin more; here is the idea which hides behind this method with the Anglo-Saxon name. How? First, apply a hydrating serum (usually with hyaluronic acid) on clean skin, then add a sticky primer. Once on the skin, the two products will dry and fuse to create a very adherent base that will be perfect for applying foundation products.

Step 2 of the Sticky method: the concealer

Once the base is laid, place the corrector. To choose somewhat matte, the latter is deposited in a thin to moderate layer on the redness thanks to a small brush provided for this purpose. The idea is not to blur the area with a sponge or another meeting but to leave it as it is to obtain maximum coverage once the foundation is applied.

Step 3 of the Sticky method: foundation

Last but not least, the foundation’s turn comes after the concealer. If the beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira applies the latter with a Beautyblender probably moistened beforehand, you can, on your side, use a flat brush if you wish.

To get maximum coverage, the 13.5 million subscribers TikTokeuse uses a full-coverage formula, but you can choose a lightweight foundation for a more natural result. The idea is only that it can cover the parts of the face where the concealer has been applied without blurring it.

Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 15.32.32
The result of Mikayla Nogueira.

An effective technique to be used sparingly

Suppose this method offers results that are impressive enough to camouflage imperfections or to make makeup last longer. In that case, it is based on applying several layers of relatively covering products that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Another important point: every skin is different! Therefore, to avoid allergic reactions, each person must use the formula or formulas that meet their specific needs. And this, despite the trends circulating here and there on social networks.

Finally: each skin is beautiful and deserves to be fully loved and assumed!


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