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The prefab house we are talking about is located in the middle of Zion Natural Park in the state of Utah in the USA. The owners have named it ‘Mother Eve’ (which would translate to ‘Mother Eve’), and it is available for lease as a vacations House. According to the ad, they chose this name to honor the “first woman mentioned in the classic biblical story of antiquity.”

O outside the house, it is a beautiful mint green color that matches the purple and beige of the windows, as are some of the chairs and benches on the terrace that are painted in the same tone. Various details, such as the wooden door with a circular arch or the shutters, resemble a small house in the forest typical of a fantasy story.

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On the other hand, there is the interior of the building where every detail brings a cozy look to the place. The reference to green and pink tones and some floral motifs could be Eden’s Garden. Gold is another vital element in decoration, present in the upholstery of chairs, tables, and other details such as the kitchen faucet.

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The drinking water from one of the kitchen faucets comes from the property’s well, where the cattle graze daily on the vast plains of the natural park. Drinking the water from the rest of the taps or the shower is not advisable, as it has high levels of iron bacteria, which, according to its owners, is beneficial for the skin but not the stomach.

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Hosts live and work on the property and have a strict no-smoking or partying policy. It is also not allowed to bring pets or wear shoes e the house, as they can damage the carpets with the reddish mud outside the property and encrust in the shoes’ soles. Failure to comply with the rules can result in a $350.

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Constraints may seem a little rigid, but every detail in ‘Mother Eve’ was designed to create a place of peace and relaxation, perfect for those who want to escape the noise and dirt of big cities while enjoying the incredible landscape offered by the desert.

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