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Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy the best of our house: the terrace, the garden, the pool, and the barbecue. Of course, the idea is to reserve an area on ​​your deck to place the grill in safely. And then you have to furnish the outside so that you can make the most of this space in the company of friends and family.

When the weather is nice, having a barbecue with friends or family outdoors is the ideal plan for the summer. But, first of all, it is necessary to have a specific place to put the grill. It is essential that the structure and barbecue area decoration has all the required conditions, according to Westwing experts. So if build a terrace with barbecue:

Define a specific area for the barbecue

To assemble a barbecue on the balcony or terrace, you must first define a specific area where you will install the necessary equipment and allocate a place to prepare food. All this is as important as a large table and chairs to accommodate your family and friends. “But do not set the table too far from the barbecue area, as it can be uncomfortable. Try to leave the right distance between the two”, they add from Westwing.

Take into account the accessories that come with the barbecue

Above all, try to be practical. You can bet on an organization of space, defining the cooking, eating, and resting area very well. It also considers the decoration, which must be in harmony with the house’s interior.

Barbecue in the summer

You are certainly more focused on the terrace furniture and accessories. Still, you don’t forget the necessary accessories for the barbecue area, such as, for example, an auxiliary cabinet with drawers to store all the utensils you will need: crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, and napkins. That way, you won’t need to get them from the kitchen. “Try to design the space so that it is as comfortable as possible,” they emphasize.

Indoor or outdoor grill?

Another aspect you should consider when installing an outdoor barbecue is deciding whether to cover it or leave it outdoors. “The installation of a grill can be affected by the sun and rain and can be damaged, so look for a hole in the covered part of the porch or install the barbecue in a covered area. Of But, ofurse, if it’s a portable barbecue, then you won’t have that problem”, they say.

Another essential thing to remember is the flooring you should put in the area around the grill. Experts recommend heat-resistant and safe floors, such as cement, brick, stone, or ceramic.

The perfect furniture for your terrace with a barbecue

Before starting, it must be made clear that the barbecue area must always accompany the decoration of the rest of the house. Therefore, you should look for a style that is in harmony with the rest of the decor and does not conflict.

It is essential to have suitable furniture. Equipping the area correctly is not just about choosing the grill but also having all the proper objects and furniture to maintain a unique and welcoming appearance. It all depends on the space you have on the terrace:

  • If you have a big enough area, you can create your kitchen in the barbecue area with a table to hang utensils, a mini fridge, and, of course, the barbecue. Choose everything you need to cook comfortably without entering the house.
  • If you still have a smaller space, know there are options for installing smaller grigri. You can even opt for a piece of furniture, as you can place it wherever you want.
terrace with barbecue

Details like flowers, plants, and lights must dominate the outer areas. If you also have one vegetable garden at good h, one option is to create a ‘mini vegetable garden’ with the species you like the most so you can use them in the food you prepare on the grill.

The most suitable materials to assemble the terrace with barbecue

In any outdoor area, materials are more exposed to weather conditions, so when choosing them, consider whether you can have a covered area or not. The best materials for outdoor spaces are:

  • Wood: not all types are recommended for balconies or terraces. Exotic woods are the most resistant and, therefore, the best for this type of space. Teak and cedar wood are highly recommended, but remember that they need treatment over time.
  • Aluminum: It is very light and does not rust. It is not recommended for areas with a lot of wind, as, having no weight, they can fall or fly.
  • Forge/Iron: they are heavier materials but tend to rust, so they need treatment over time as the paint deteriorates.
  • Rat: it is a synthetic material that imitates the braiding of the fiber but hardly needs maintenance. Very useful and aesthetic for the outdoors.
  • Wicker or similar natural fibers: are genuine and give charm. Use them preferably in sheltered areas of the balcony, so they are not damaged.

On the other hand, textiles must also be resistant. Choose materials that resist heat well. In addition, fabrics must be resistant to weather conditions, such as rain and humidity. Finally, the ideal for your comfort is that they are accessible to clean outdoor spaces tetthat to get dirty more quickly.

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