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Take a book with you to help you unplug from your daily life

Take a break from your everyday life for a few hours and read.

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These book recommendations are from our librarians to help you get your mind off things.


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All are Red by KazuoIwamura

Autumn has arrived in the forest. All things are red, including the leaves, berries, mushroom caps, and the sun: even Nic, Nac, and Noc in their gorgeous new sweaters.

Are you there, little Fox? Sam Taplin

This beautifully illustrated book is a delight for children. They will enjoy looking through the holes to find the hiding places of the little Fox.

Walking in the Woods by Emirihayashi

This poetic walk features animated illustrations that help you discover the forest’s animals.

Lucie Albon’s kites

Open to all! The wind is teasing this fall. Participants will be surprised by a hilarious surprise.

The Knight of the Alphabet Louise Leblanc

This story is filled with humor and courage, and Ludovic and his grandfather learn to spell the alphabet together.

Ben starts! Julia Gagnon

You will not only be able to discover Ben’s exciting daily life, but you will also have the opportunity to read your first novel!

Red: The story of a pencil told by me, Michael Hall

Brightly colored, this book highlights the importance of being true to yourself. This story is accessible to all ages and skill levels.

The new mistress of Dominique Demers

A new teacher is replacing Marie’s class. She seduces students with her unconventional methods.


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Campfire Heat by Amelie Panton

Emmanuelle, fifteen years old, avoids improvised conversation like the plague. She only feels at home underwater during swimming lessons when her shyness is not noticed. On the other hand, Thomas, her new neighbor, makes her life richer with meaning and music. They slowly get to know each other and share the same benches and headphones every morning. In the evenings, they enjoy gazing at the stars around the campfire. However, a sudden change in their lives will cause a significant rift.

Autumn by Michel Levesque

The third volume of “The Four Seasons,” Autumn, features Theodore Fontaine (a teenager with the obsessive-compulsive disorder). Theo decides to drink alcohol to forget his OCD and Alice Moreau, whom he has been fascinated with since sixth grade. The fantastic combination of circumstances that will bring them together at the same psychiatrist’s office will make it possible for them to meet.

Captured on Captain Nemo’s Moon

Amazing adventures await Jules Verne, a young budding explorer. The Young Inventors Competition will be held in Nantes this year. This is a great opportunity! Jules presents…a rocket to reach the Moon. A conspiracy is brewing. Jules and his friends now find themselves far from Earth.

Diary by Magali Laurent

It’s back school! My best friend Florence will visit me soon and tell me about her trip! Me, I spent the summer at my mum’s house. It wasn’t easy because we couldn’t understand each other. Strangely, Florence won’t speak to me on the bus. As usual, I struggle to follow the class course. I feel worthless. My emotions overflow everywhere, and that’s just the beginning! It couldn’t have been worse to start my sixth year.

Sylvie Cyr Allergies said to children by Sylvie Cyr.

The book is simple and brightly illustrated. This book offers everyday tips to help you overcome allergies at home, school, or parties. You will see your child as more independent, confident, and responsible and feel more comfortable leaving him alone in uncontrolled environments. It is easy to know how to handle food allergies.

Simon and Alice ask lots of questions by Chiara pastoring

Through the daily lives of Adele, Simon, and Socrate, we learn about philosophy and the thought of many great philosophers.


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Autumnal by Daniel Kraus

Sybil and Kat hope to have a better life at Comfort Notch. Kat, who grew up in the city of flamboyant autumns and bloody mysteries, has to confront her past and her mother’s. The town appears to have an uncompromising guardian.

Fall: The wellness seasons of Azilis Salvador

This guide offers simple, holistic naturopathic tips to help you get through your fall. It also includes straightforward explanations of your body and emotions. You will also find personal development exercises and meditations.

Fall in Venice: Ernest Hemingway and his last muse by Andrea Di Robillant

This is the story of E. Hemingway’s passion for A. Ivancich (a young Venetian 30 years his senior whom he meets while he stays in the city of doges). Renata was inspired by her character in “Beyond The River and Under the Trees.”

Guy Savoy’s Autumn Soups

Enjoy hot and cold soups in autumn.

A Sensation of Avalanche by Charles Quimper

A Smell of Avalanche is a neighborhood chronicle and neighborhood romance. It reveals the small and big miracles, the cataclysms, and the joys that can make or break communities. This text is full of rare sweetness and comfort, reminding us that magic can be believed at any age.

How to accompany your child from kindergarten to grade 6 with the TRANSCONTINENTAL ADDP Editor

Because school is an integral part of the lives of both parents and children, coup de Pouce provides a guide to help parents understand their school role and to assist with routine.

Are you stressed about going back to school? This book is for parents of junior high and kindergarten students.

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Happy holidays and happy reading

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