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With a tasty menu and playful space, Mundo Animal in São Miguel Paulista promises to stimulate, strengthen and enhance family ties.

They are looking for a themed restaurant for the little ones to eat well, at affordable prices, with a diverse menu and unique experiences for the whole family. On September 29, the new unit of the Animal World in São Miguel Paulista, east side of São Paulo. The place will offer a playful experience by combining decoration, sound design, and a menu inspired by the jungle and kids and baby spaces for the kids to enjoy this fantastic experience to the fullest!

With this inauguration, there are 58 units spread across twelve Brazilian states. Ten of these units are in the state of São Paulo. The new unit will be open daily from 17:00 to 23:00.

New Mundo Animal unit in São Miguel Paulista

With an average of 700 seats in an area of ​​approximately 800m², Mundo Animal de São Miguel promises to be an attraction for parents and children looking to experience a unique adventure. And, like all other units at Mundo Animal, this one will also have a free kids’ area and monitors. In addition, there will be a shop with personalized products, such as pillows, cups, t-shirts, and plush toys. Furthermore, the kid’s space will give access to a toy for children up to 1.50m. Finally, the unit will also have a baby space for children up to three years old, who need to be accompanied on-site by a responsible person.


The decoration of the space is an attraction in itself. The furniture is handcrafted and covered with animal prints and wooden structures. There is also foliage in every ornament, sculptures and plush animals exposed at strategic points, big screens with soundtracks inspired by African music, and bathrooms with ambient jungle sound. With so much attention to detail, the space transforms the tour into a playful moment for adults and children.

Leonel, the star of the night

Visiting the themed cafeteria is to experience an authentic experience that stimulates, strengthens, and values ​​family ties. The night’s highlight is the arrival of Leonel, the brand’s mascot lion, who makes a triumphant entrance twice a night when the lights go out. And, together with the unit’s employees, he puts on a contagious show. After the presentation, Leonel goes from table to table to take pictures with customers and register a unique and extraordinary moment.

Animal World in São Miguel Paulista

Tasty and affordable menu

The main dishes on the menu at Mundo Animal’s new unit in São Miguel Paulista were created to be shared, making people share experiences and flavors. This is the case with Batatão, the brand’s flagship, a mix of fries, meats, fillings, and various sauces. Served in three sizes, puppy, medium, and large, the option comes in a cylinder. When removed, it allows the food to come into contact with a hot stone, offering a succulent look.

In addition to the main dish, the menu features snack options named after animals, such as Elephant, Rhino, Lion, and Giraffe; snack boards with several possibilities serving up to 4 people; salad with mixed leaves; drinks, draft beer and beer tower, 1-liter soda and beverages in general. The “Alegria da Selva” combo is an exclusive option for children, including a ccheeseburgerander, fr. The collectible toy accompanying the combo will be the Teen Titans characters in this new edition.

To close with a flourish, there are three options for frozen desserts. They are: Arctic Fox, a chocolate cupcake with a creamy and warm filling, accompanied by two scoops of cream ice cream; Polar Bear, a chocolate cupcake with a creamy and warm filling, covered with chocolate ganache and accompanied by strawberries and a popsicle; and Emperor Penguin, ice cream bowl with strawberries, wafer straw and topping decorated with colorful polka dots. In addition to other options, such as Coruja Nevada, a strawberry meringue with condensed milk cream, ganache, and peanuts, and Urso Pardo, a delicious bowl of cookies, strawberry, and condensed milk cream.

It is worth mentioning that no unit of Mundo Animal charges 10% of the service fee.

Animal World in São Miguel Paulista

VIP customers

To surprise the customer, Mundo Animal will always offer a VIP Animal Card on the first day of the opening of São Miguel Paulista for the first 200 people. The card entitles you to four courtesies of dishes and drinks for future visits.

Nominal and non-transferable, the Vip Animal Card is valid for two months and is delivered to only one person at the table – over 18 years old. It is only allowed to enjoy one courtesy at a time, which is not cumulative with other campaigns.

About the Animal World

Created to offer a differentiated experience to the public, the first unit of Mundo Animal was inaugurated in 2011, by businessman Ari Andrade da Silva, in Capão da Canoa, the Rio Grande do Sul. With a thematic proposal and family atmosphere, the brand quickly gained success and, in a short time, had its structure expanded, in addition to new units in different regions of the country.

In 2018, the holding M&A Franchising was created, which started to franchise the brand, which already has 56 units. It was during this period that Animal World began a reformulation project. And so the project brought a gastronomy proposal to all cafeterias with experience and a quality standard. In the next two years, another 90 units should be inaugurated. In addition, by 2023, the franchise is expected to have more than 140 units.

Kids Tour Service

Inauguration of the Animal World in São Miguel Paulista

Opening: September 29, from 5pm to 11pm

Opening hours on other days: daily from 17:00 to 23:00

Place: Animal World Cafeteria

Address: Av. Marechal Tito, 1112 – São Miguel Paulista – SP

Cafeteria Animal World in São Miguel Paulista

Opening days and hours: Every day, from 17:00 to 23:00

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