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Furnish your home in a minimalist style. It means eliminating everything superfluous and keeping everything that is functional. It means preferring essential furniture and neutral colors, order, geometry, and even inner well-being. But what are the best colors? And how can you have a minimalist-style house? We leave you some tips.

Furnishing a minimalist style home: the colors to use

What are the colors? All neutrals, from black to white, through beige, gray, and various nuances.

minimalist colors
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Accessories for a minimalist style home: less is more

By its essence, a minimalist style house, it is furnished with few additions, namely small potted plants, empty frames, slender hangers, and sober wooden lamps, all arranged in a straight line. But it is always good to remember that in any room of a house, “less is more.”

simple decoration

What the interiors of a minimalist style home should look like

The interior of a house’s minimalist style must be essential and functional. Like this kitchen, well designed and able to contain and hide everything ugly and untidy (but not superfluous).

minimalist kitchen

The minimal chic style is also in the bathroom.

Not only for the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, the minimal chic style is also perfect for the bathroom, embellished not only by the minimalist colors and clean lines but also because of the arrangement of the spotlights, essential for efficient and elegant lighting.

modern decor

Minimalist style: ideal for tiny homes

O minimalist style is perfect for tiny houses precisely because it aims to eliminate the extra instead of embellishing it with unnecessary ornaments and knickknacks. Plus, white and beige tones help rooms look bigger and brighter.

minimalist room

Japanese minimalist house: reference for furnishing the right way

To provide the right way, you can be inspired by a Japanese minimalist home, a house built from Eastern thought and, more specifically, from feng shui and wabi-sabi. This means designing interiors based on genuine elegance and essentiality, that is, liberation from all that is superfluous and material.

Neutral colors and wood predominate in all environments to attract luck and promote rest (physical or mental). However, theytimes interrupted by the green, yellow and red colors of the (few) decoration accessories to symbolize growth, good mood, and learning.

wooden floors

Seven tips to decorate the house in a minimalist style

  • Use neutral colors and wood and bamboo elements
  • Eliminate everything superfluous
  • decorate with plants
  • Use and linearly organize simple and discreet accessories
  • Prefer sliding doors and windows
  • Prefer wood-effect parquet or porcelain for floors
  • Prefer kitchen cabinets, bases, and wall furniture with covered drawers and doors
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