Jair Bolsonaro’s electoral tourism is expensive and useless – 09/19/2022


Bolsonaro went to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London, even though he was not a gravedigger. He traveled as head of state. But he behaved like a nutty candidate. If the president thinks he can win reelection by holding a rally for the English to see and filming the gas price at a London station, that’s his problem. The Itamaraty and the Queen do not cast votes in the Northeast funds or in the Southeast peripheries. The point is that electoral tourism, in addition to violating the law, hurts decorum, tarnishes Brazil’s image, and hits the National Treasury.

There is excess baggage in Bolsonaro’s entourage. He got on the presidential plane to a Malafaia. The pastor, a priest, his son Eduardo, Michelle’s makeup influencer… travel was adorned with all the extravagances the public deficit can afford. Fabio Wajgarten, the head of Communications for the campaign committee, joined the caravan. He dumped footage of the London adventures of the “myth” onto social media in real-time.





With the queen’s funeral rites over, Bolsonaro will take his candidacy for a walk in New York. After previewing his victory in the first round on the balcony of the embassy in London, he will rally at the United Nations. Once Bolsonaro owns the news, as the first speaker at the opening ceremony of the UN General Assembly, the facts will be lost forever. In the candidate’s gogó, Brazil will be converted into an economic warning, led by an environmentalist president — a defender of green hydrogen and wind energy.

Last year, Bolsonaro’s visit to New York was a burlesque spectacle. An unvaccinated president and his companions had to eat the pizza that the Devil smashed on the sidewalk. Infected by a coronavirus and poliovirus, the Minister of Health Marcelo Queiroga showed the middle finger at a group of protesters. Chancellor Carlos França was filmed reproducing the gun gesture.

This year, travel remains an expensive uselessness. The difference is the electoral factor. Bolsonaro now has the illusion that the new embarrassment can help him get voters a passport to continue shaming Brazil abroad for another four years.

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