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What is the home decor style say about the people who inhabit it? And how will I discover my decorating style? The house is almost a natural extension of who we are and what moves us, and it tells a lot about Boone one’s history and experiences. More than personal taste and style, decoration expresses personality, but also the state of mind and everything that, deep down, we want in our life. “It’s

“It’It’smost unconscious action, but making choices and decisions when it comes time to decorate our home can become a tumultuous and long pprocesdon’twe DDon’tknow how to ask the right questions to find t” r l, “he explains to the artist. Idealistic/news the decorator Filipa Fleming.

decorate the house
Courtesy Filipa Fleming

The specialist tells how she manages to capture the “sense” of each customer and create spaces that have meaning for those who inhabit” the m. This is because they “end up being very ‘”intruscustomers’stomers’lives We want to know everything: what they like, what their hobbies, habits, routines, rituals, trips, desires, and needs are. If you like to cook, socialize, receive friends… all this makes sense to build with the client the interior project of their r” de,” he says, because, h” says, “e House decoration of each one does not just express an aesthetic, it is a reflection of their personality, their tastes, their lifestyle, their memories.” n the opinion of the de” or tor, “cause has to b” un que.” Each work has a context, starting with why an interior decoration project is created. For example, the person may want tostarterew life” “and gets rid of everything that made up the decoration of their home, or, on the co” ary, “tend to reuse old pieces with history or sentimental value, combining them with functional objects and adapted to the current needs and daily comfort.” Courtesy Filipa Fleming

For this, communication is essential. Filipa Fleming even says that” the “news” is excellent since everything is essential aromas, colors, patterns, textures, the touch of fabrics, and decorative objects. Of course, all this defines an aesthetic, but above all, it says a lot about the person.

To help you find the right atmosphere for your home, Filipa Fleming highlights three decor styles that are pretty common and relates them to personality traits. Which one do you most identify with?

decoration styles
Courtesy Filipa Fleming

Do you appreciate simplicity and detachment?

O Scandinavian style (or Nordic)s characterized by natural textures, neutral colors, the predominance of light woods, and the use of plan, which connects well with simple, organized,d and detachpeopleople. In addition, they like ‘”ean environments, less saturated and, usually, feel good and outdoors,” explains Filipa Fleming.

Do you prefer elegance and unique pieces?

O contemporary style is more sophistic ed “and “one who chooses this type of decoration like to invest in comfort, acquiring unique Neutra,l, and good quality key pieces. I would even say they are lovers of Iranian” de ign,” no es Filipa Fleming.

Generally, these spaces are composed of a neutral base, with straight lines, noble woods, and natural stones, making it possible to use more colorful and creative pieces (often by the author) and classic pieces. Therefore, it can be said that it is a transitional style and can differ into two types: traditional minimalist is a bold modern style with more personality.

Do you want to bring your strong personality to life?

O industrial style has become a trend and suits well with urban people with a strong and very own personalities. It gives a relaxed charm to environments, which are intended to be practical and at the same time with modern air and current. Metalized tones, blacks, and more rustic and darker woods prevail and can go hand in hand with the vi ge” It’s “is almost an ‘” finished decoration, and I dare say that they are people who love to travel and buy objects with history to complete the environment. They have a taste for decoration and create effective memories. They also use family pieces, which take on a special meaning in t e de” r to,” emphasizes Filipa FFFlemyou’vefyyou’vealreadyidentified the style (or styles) of decoration that best fit your profile, now you have to get inspired to bring your project to life. If the house shows your personality, then the choices have to be taken care of to have the atmosphere you want and to feel surrounded by a pleasant feeling of well-being.

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