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You have one covered porch, but you’re not sure how you can make it more comfortable and refreshing this summer. Don’t worry; we have a solution for you. This article explains how you can decorate your enclosed porch by choosing the right furniture and plants. So embark on this journey with us.

Regardless of the decoration style, you want to adopt, here are some ideas to make your covered porch more welcoming, practical, and modern.

How to create a covered porch without a building permit?

How to decorate an enclosed porch
closed balcony / Chianti

if you have one covered porch at home, you know that you ccan’tcreate one without proper authorization and a building permit either. OSothere’ssoe solution to creating your own covered porch unlicensed: use removable structures, like pergolas.

How to decorate an enclosed porch: plants are the key

Green costs little and yields a lot in aesthetic terms and physical and psychological well-being. For this reason, it is always advisable to use plants to decorate a covered porch. But which plants should you choose? And where should you put them? We explain.

What plants can I put on the covered porch?

Decorate the house with plants
The importance of plants / Online Shopping

To decorate a covered porch with plants, you can choose:

  1. Chlorophytum Comosum: also known as “spider “vy.” It “is” pe “son” ial pla” t that loves light and direct sun and can only be watered twice a week.
  2. Schefflera: this lush and elegant plant is straightforward to grow, although it needs a lot of light and adequate sun exposure;
  3. Cyperus Alterifolius: this is also a straightforward plant to grow. But it has its only needs: water it abundantly and protect it from the wind;
  4. Aloe vera: resists diseases, parasites, summers, and winters. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, as this will prevent sunburn on the leaves, from which you can obtain – among others – its juice or gel.
  5. Strelitzia Reginae: is an ornamental perennial plant that is trendy and easy to grow as it can stand any temperature above 5 degrees.

How to arrange the plants on the covered porch?

Decorate the balcony with plants
Plants for the balcony / Online Shopping

Once chosen the plants, you will need to find the best place for each of them on your covered porch. An alternative to plants placed on the perimeter of the terrace or balcony is to create “a “il” will” or” w” er” “ou “you put a rocking chair or a hammock.

Three ideas for decorating a covered porch

to furnish a covered porch correctly is to prevent it from getting crowded and disorganized. As? with furniture and Ikea decoration pallets and a minimalist style.

1. How to decorate a small covered porch

How to arrange the balcony
optimize space / Ikea

what to put in a small covered porch? It the essential to be able to enjoy the space. Ikea offers economical solusolutionsoluti’n’’kholm’A’kholmen’sisting for wall tables and adjustable chairs. This solution is great for enjoying the open air in this small outdoor space. In addition, with artificial turf, it is possible to make the environment closer to a garden and more welcoming.

2. Pallets: the solution for furnishing a long covered porch

Decorate a small balcony
Adapting to available space / Bautrust

an excellent idea for furnishing a narrow and long balcony is to resort to pallets and DIY. In fact, with pallets and a little patience, it is possible to create a living room the size you need.

3. Furnish a large balcony in a modern style

How to decorate a large balcony
everything in its place/canvas

Lights play a crucial role in creating an elegant atmosphere. Therefore, you can focus on getting suitable lamps with LED spotlights to furnish larger porcprecharget. The sliding glass doors and the counter will be a differentiating factor.

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