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One illuminated house is a happy home, so it is important to use lighting when natural or artificial light from wall lamps and chandeliers is not enough. And between floor lamps and furniture with integrated lamps, proposals on the market are increasingly prosperous and capable of satisfying all needs.

We leave you with some ideas to modernize the rooms in the house, light up the sofa area, the exteriors, the bedroom, and even the kitchen worktop.

Furniture with floor lamps: the best for a living room

The table with floor lamps is the ideal solution for those who want to beautify a living room with designer accessories. One of the most modern? O arc lamp with a minimum height of 210 cm and to be placed in the living room next to the sofa or a relaxing armchair.

floor lamp
Idea Luce Online

Furniture with light: 3 ideas for decorating the living room

A room without a chandelier? Is the room too small or poorly lit? Do you want to modernize? Here are three pieces of furniture with a built-in light that combines aesthetics and functionality.

1. Coffee table with built-in lamp

lamps for living room
Isa Project

The coffee table with the built-in lamp is not just modern furniture and design but also one of the furniture with lamp most functional on the market: thanks to its small size, it improves comfort and light without being an obstacle when positioned in a passing area.

2. Wall equipped with an LED shelf

bookshelf with LED

a solution of decoration with lamps very in vogue and helpful in lighting up a very dark room is represented by the wall equipped with an LED shelf: captivating and functional, suggestive and impactful; it doesn’t affect the bill. It is perfect for those who want to furnish their home in a minimalist style.

3. Kitchen with integrated LED

furniture with integrated light
max light

Between the furniture with lamps, there are also kitchens with integrated LEDs, helpful in illuminating the sink, countertop, and hob. In this case, it is always recommended to prefer a cold light.

Furniture with lamps: perfect for the outdoors and bedroom

Table with lights They can also be used to enhance the glow of a garden or room. But which ones specifically? Here are two proposals.

1. Wardrobe with integrated LED

wardrobe with integrated LED

Closets are usually windowless rooms, so it is necessary to use furniture with lamps. More specifically, buying a wardrobe with integrated LEDs is functional, illuminating any mirror with spotlights.

2. Parasol with integrated solar panel

parasol with LED
Produce Shop

Does the garden have no electrical system? No problems. With the parasol-integrated solar panel, there is no need to give up summer dinners at night. This furniture can absorb natural light, accumulate it in the connected battery, and transform it into artificial light. But what if natural light isn’t enough to recharge the battery? Just unplug it and restore it at home via the USB port it is equipped with.

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