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for those who live in small houses or even in studios, one of the problems it faces is the lack of space. The furniture needed to have a complete house often occupies an important part of the apartment. And it becomes difficult to combine the different furniture and create harmony in House decoration.

The truth is that, today, there are solutions to more flexible furniture, which allow you to organize the house making it more functional and comfortable. Examples of this are the Expand furniturea company that creates all kinds of multifunctional furniture and transformable with the objective of offering a traditional space organizationwithout thereby hindering the passage and making the rooms too heavy and crowded.

They manufacture from beds and sofa beds, even tables or even shelves and dressers. All these furniture were designed to occupy the least space possible when not in use.

One of the most outstanding products is the Trojan model, a folding table that can accommodate four to six people, but when folded it is only 40 cm wide. In the lower cavity it is possible to store the chairs also collapsible that come in the set.

flexible table
Trojan table / expandfurniture

flexible table
Trojan table / expandfurniture

It is table is perfect for create a dining area in the main room and, when it is not needed, it is possible to save it so that the passage area is free again. In addition, it has wheels under one of the sides so it is possible to move it easily. It is available with a finish in wood bright white, black or brown and prices vary, depending on the model, between 1,595 and 1,795 dollars (from 1,485 to 1,672 euros).

Another example is the Ludovico Office model. One folding furniture that turns into a secretary with chair included. When folded, the furniture occupies 46.73 cm in width and 89.91 cm in height. The extendable table top has a length of 71.88 cm and, when pulling out the chair, the furniture offers a pair of shelves for additional storage.

small desk
Secretary Ludovico / expandfurniture

O mobile is for sale in natural wood and white for 1,392 euros and in matte white or with a gloss effect for 1,858 euros. In addition flexible desk offers a 500-day warranty, and you can return the product if there is a problem.

small mobile
Ludovico Furniture / expandfurniture

Other flexible mobile it is this sofa bed that converts into not one, but three single beds. It’s perfect for receive several guests at the same timeeven because one of the beds is a bunk bed and doesn’t take up much space.

sofa bed
Bunk Bed Sofa / expandfurniture

for those who have a small room and usually have guests at home, this is the perfect option. The measures of the closed sofa are 2 m long by 1 m high and 1 m deep. In turn, the mattresses that are pulled up and on one side measure 10 cm in height.

O couch Bunk Bed is available in several colors and is made to measure, in a process that takes between 12 and 16 weeks in total (from construction to home delivery). The price is 4,653 euros.

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