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Having one terraced house it is an advantage that should be taken advantage of to unwind and relax. So nothing better than creating a ‘chill out zone on the terrace, providing the space with a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Finally, we leave you some tips for decorating the outside of the house.

Exterior decoration: what to consider before starting

  • select one good location for the ‘chill out area: everything will depend on the size of the garden or terrace, but we recommend that, if you have swimming pools, orient the space in the same direction as the landscape. Also, make sure that the location selected to create the ‘chill out is not the hottest or coldest.
  • Use neutral colors that convey calm in armchairs or cushions, as in furniture in general. For example, white, beige, gray, or earth tones can be considered perfect colors for a ‘chill out.
  • Accessories that create atmosphere: achieving a consistent and comfortable environment is convenient. To make the perfect atmosphere in a ‘chill out room, accessories such as sofas, loungers, puffs, cushions, and good lighting can be used. Furniture and textiles must be specific for the outdoors, so they do not wear out so quickly.
  • Make sure you have a shadow: something essential is being able to count on the shade of trees, umbrellas, awnings, or the shade of a porch or pergola.
  • Put a good lighting: another essential part is having good lighting. You can use LED garden lights with solar lamps as they are more durable and efficient. They can also be combined with candles of different sizes and scents. Soft and warm lighting will keep the charm of this corner of the house.

exotic chill out

We can achieve an exotic decoration in the ‘chill out’ using natural elements and pieces of vegetable fiber. For example, you can combine exotic flowers and plants in beautiful vases, giving the striking touch you were looking for.

exotic terrace

Classic and straightforward chill out

If you prefer to give it a more classic and simple touch, we suggest that you decorate the space with relaxing sofas accompanied by some pillows and a lovely table.

simple terrace

Arabic style chill out.

Another bolder design that might suit is the combination and introduction of elements Arabs. A rug, a tea table, puffs, and pillows with different patterns or candles will give the space that Arab touch.

arabic terrace

colorful chill-out

A good option may be to opt for a colorful design so that it does not go unnoticed. Then, the’ll only have to look for armchairs, cushions, and furniture in bright colors, matching the same tone or mixing different colors.

colorful terrace

modern chill out

If you want a modern space most simply, you can choose to use colors, minimalists and elements that stand out for their elegance, such as an electric fireplace.

modern terrace

rustic chill out

The ‘chill outs’ of rustic style are characterized by using wood as the main element. A cute and quirky stuff that never goes out of style.

rustic terrace
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