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Your gardens and exteriors of a house are the right places to escape the stress of work and the anxiety caused by big cities. But, nowadays, more than having a flower garden, some want to turn the garden into an open-air cinema.

You can take advantage of summer nights to watch a movie on the terrace or garden at home and, in addition, gather your friends for a movie session with popcorn very economical. This article explains the essential step by steps for making an outdoor cinema.

Outdoor cinema: choosing the perfect location

Before starting the movie session, you must prepare the garden to receive the big Hollywood stars. Those who live in houses with terraces and spacious gardens will find it more challenging to choose the place to set up the outdoor cinema.

The important thing is to try to find a place with low light, not only to guarantee the perfect environment for the movie session but also to protect electronic equipment from heat or to avoid sunbeams on the screen during sunset-style projections. Once the location is chosen, you are ready for the next steps.

Choose a TV or Big Screen

To see a great movie, you have to have excellent projection. Nothing like choosing a TV or a giant screen that gives you better image quality. It would help if you also considered that the dimensions of this equipment should always be by the dimensions of the chosen space.

outside cinema
Oliver Perrott / Lights4Fun

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean youdoesn’tdo the outcan’tcinema session on the balcony with smaller OLED TVs. By the way, if you have more space, like a large terrace, you should take advantage of a giant movie screen which you will easily find on sale.

If you have your family budget accounted for the month, and you don’t want to don’t’t a lot of money, you can build a home cinema screen through a white sheet or a white wall, which must be extended and fixed.

Open-air cinema: chairs and sofas can’t be missecarnationsns are essential. Depending on the inches of your TV or giant screen, you must remember that you will still have to seat your guests. Spread out sofas, sun loungers, chairs, and armchairs in the garden to set up your outdoor cinema is a practical and original solution.

outside cinema

if you choose plastic chairs or more wooden seats, it is essential to put some cushions for a more comfortable session and even some blankets and blankets; we know it is summer, but to avoid surprises like the wind and a cooler breeze or even if you want to cover your face during a scene of horror or Hitchcockian suspense, this is an option to consider.

You can find cheap garden furniture in several stores, such as:

  • Leroy Merlin;
  • IKEA;
  • hôma;
  • Conforama;
  • Continente hypermarkets;
  • La Redoute;
  • Worten;
  • Fnac;
  • Maisons du Monde.

Buy a movie projector.

For the best outdoor cinematic experience, you need to buy a movie projector. Thanks to the growth of streaming platforms, several cheap movie projectors are available at any technology and entertainment store.

outdoor cinema projector
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O Xiaomi Mi Smart 2 projector It is one of the best known at the moment and costs approximately 600€. Your nebula projectors also provide excellent image sharpness and contrast, with prices ranging from €400 to €600. O Philips portable projector NPX442 EASY 2+ LCD is priced below €200. Despite being expensive, they are equipment whose investment pays off, especially for great fans of the seventh art.

Improve WiFi signal in the garden

Making an outdoor movie theater at home implies having an excellent WiFi signal in the garden; this is because, most of the time, you will be watching movies on a streaming platform. To ensure that nothing interrupts your session, the internet connection confirms whether the signal in the garden is sufficient for playing movies with the best picture quality.

O AC1200 mesh WiFi system guarantees internet throughout the house and outside, and you can cover an area of ​​up to 260m². The Deco line is increasingly sought after for ensuring an internet speed of over 100 megs.

Using a Blu-ray player

Not all movies are available online; true movie lovers will still have a Blu-ray player at home. Nowadays, the players are sold at reasonable prices and can play DVDs and Blu-rays with great sound and image quality, in addition to being compatible with all projectors.

If you don’t have one Bdon’a t play, you can use your PlayStation 5 console, or an Xbox Series X can also play these discs.

home cinema speakers

To improve the outdoor cinema acoustics, we recommend the home cinema speakers, with a very varied range. For example, Sony Cinema Subwoofer speakers with a 25 cm diaphragm or stereo floor-standing speakers are exciting options.

outdoor cinema speakers

You can also buy outdoor speakers like Bose 251 loudspeakers, which adapt to any atmospheric circumstance. Speak to one of the entertainment store experts to learn about the best outdoor cinema solutions.

Outdoor movie theater decor

For one outside cinema, You have to have the right decor. You can’t miss oncan’ttn machine pictures of your favorite movie stars or even an iconic movie clapperboard for decoration. But, with a chalk pencil, you’ll be ablyou’llle the time of the session and the movie you’re going to with friends and family, creating an authentic movie theater atmosphere.

movie clapperboard for decoration

In addition to the space’s decoration to make your summer nights unforgettable, you can request a specific dress code in the invitation: the little ones can bring their own Disney dolls and princesses while the grown-ups can get a t-shirt with some cinematographic reference.

How to make popcorn at home?

It is of consensus opinion that there is no cinema without popcorn. As such, you cannot forget to make popcorn at home according to your guests’ preferenguests’eet, savory, or both) so that everyone can enjoy the outdoor movie session as tradition dictates. Moreover, they are much cheaper and even healthier than movie popcorn.

outdoor cinema popcorn

make popcorn at home. It’straightforwardsy needs to buy popcorn (available at any supermarket or grocery store), use a pan with a heavy bottom, use olive oil or coconut oil and let it explode. You can taste the popcorn and add M&Ms or topping for a sweeter touch. If you don’t want so much mudon’trk, you can opt for microwave popcorn packets; wait a few minutes and ‘voilá’!

movie night without mosquitoes

to enjoy a cinema session in the garden with no mosquitoes or other unwanted insects, you can use a mosquito repellant lamp, very effective electric insecticides, or spread citronella candles throughout the park. This option is also the one that promises to give the necessary charm to your outdoor cinema session.

What are the best movies to see at the outdoor cinema?

With everything ready for the session outdoor home cinema, the most crucial detail is missing: choosing the film. Action and adventure lovers can choose a classic Indiana Jones movie, while sci-fi lovers can choose Star Wars or Marvel world.

You can also take the opportunity to watch some movies about the summer season, such as “Tubarão” (1975)” “Cont a “Comigo” (“986), “Engan”-me que e” Gosto” (2011), or themusicalsls “Mamma Mia” (200″ and 2018″.

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