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Maximize space and get the most out of natural light: these initial guidelines served as the basis for this project, resulting in a fantastic wooden prefab house. “The client’s request for the Sandy Point project, conceived by Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings, was to get a house that maximizes space and light to provide a sense of the breadth of space that went beyond the physical footprint of the house,” they explain from the study that gave life to this project in Australia.

These were not the only requirements for this project. The studio also had other challenges posed by the client, which involved respecting the principles of sustainability and minimizing the environmental and visual impact of the house on not very large land.

The challenge was overcome – as you can see in the images – by making the building adequately integrated into the coastal environment in which it is located. And it was all possible thanks to wood flooring radial and stained rubber.

THE Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings had to overcome some problems throughout the project. With restrictions and limitations imposed by site regulations, the team had to figure out how to design a contemporary and sustainable house that used space and light efficiently. On the one hand, it was essential to take measures to protect native vegetation. And on the other hand, choose among the permitted materials to minimize the fire risk.

The choice of a prefabricated modular system to make this project a reality was not by chance. On the contrary, everything was planned correctly to obtain the expected result. Firstly, for its characteristics compatible with a sustainable way of life and, second, by the possibility of time and cost reduction.

elegant prefab house
living room details / Warren Reed

O-stained rubber coating was chosen for its ‘earth’ effect when untreated to age naturally. The combination of design and use of wood aims to provide an intimate, but not disruptive, contact with the place, giving the idea that nature provided an enclosed space rather than a landscape view.

At woods recovered are found in the exterior elements, including the pergola beams and the porch on the west facade. The outer extensions of this prefab home provide privacy while allowing the natural environment to infiltrate every room.

prefab house kitchen
Kitchen / Warren Reed

Buildings like this one, where a type of wood light which, moreover, are well insulated and oriented, responds naturally and quickly to the climate need ensuring an excellent adaptation to temperature changes, such as those that occur in the south of Vitória (Australia), where the prefab house Sandy Point is located. The warm rays of northern sunlight and the fireplace keep the house warm in winter. In the warmer months, south-facing louvered windows provide a refreshing ocean breeze.

buy prefab house
bedroom / Warren Reed
Prefab house with garden
prefab house garden / Warren Reed
prefab house to buy
Bathroom / Warren Reed
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