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Now that you’ve seen which bike is the most suitable for you, the price range, and where to buy them, it’s time to hop on the skinny and go out there venturing and exercising. But calm down, you don’t have to be alone in this. That’s because several mobile applications can and will help you in this endeavor.

As we already know, the bicycle can be used for various purposes, whether as a means of transport, leisure, physical activity, or even a work tool. However, regardless of the goal, you must prepare yourself with the various technological innovations available in your palm.

Thiago Henrique, security agent, is 36 years old and has been riding for over 20 years. Having started as a teenager with the practice of maneuvers in BMX, he says that riding a bicycle is to connect with yourself, overcome limits and get to know places and new people. In addition, apps help you a lot on the pedal.

“Applications help me in many ways, informing the time I’m pedaling, the number of calories spent on average, finding the trails easier, and marking the points where we make the best times per segment. Not forgetting that it helps with the location so that you don’t get lost in the woods and trekking trails”, says Thiago.

Discover the apps

Several free apps can be used during your practice inle into reses, such as the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android), severe; there are applications known among pedal enthusiasts to be the most used and recommended by them, whether in free or paid versions.

Through these apps, you can locate yourself, calculate routes, monitor the distance you’ve traveled and how many calories you’ve burned, get basic safety information about your bike, etc. There are also so-called gamified apps, which have functions that look like a video game, allowing you to compete with other users through the app—for example, making a better time than someone else in a particular stretch.

Nivaldo Menezes is a lawyer and has been riding for a year, using the bike to exercise and discover new places with friends, a “different experience in contact with nature.” He uses one of the best-known apps among practitioners, Strava, linking to his smartwatch, which does all the exercise telemetry.

“In addition to showing the development of each exercise, the application serves to connect with other sports lovers and compare results,” says Nivaldo.

Strava is an application for recording physical exercises and is the most used in the pedal world. Installed on your cell phone for free, it allows you to record activity in several different modalities, including cycling. In addition, combined with specific sensors, such as those of a smartwatch, it is possible to have heart rate and cadence (number of turns on the crank per minute).

Working with a kind of “social network of cyclists,” with the application, you can beat other people’s time and meet challenges and goals made by groups. Recently, Strava has invested in routes, making it possible to find cycling trails with unlocked features by subscribing to a paid version. The leading information for the cyclist is:

  • Traveled distance
  • average/maximum speed
  • route taken
  • Altimetry achieved
  • compete with other people

Itamar Sousa, 29 years old, is a software developer, has been pedaling for nine years, and uses Strava along with another app, Wikiloc, also very well-known in the field. For him, cycling creates connections with places and people he can reach through his bike. He even just started a project to get to know historical sites in Brazil on a bicycle and will record everything on his Instagram profile (@gravelsertao).

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