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Techniques, styles, materials, fabrics, and colors. There are many home furnishing trends, and there’s nothing better than taking advantage of the moment between seasons, like summer, to renew spaces. In August, there are still sales, but the news is also starting to arrive to “dress” the house next autumn-winter. Therefore, we leave you some tips for furnishing the home in 2022 simply and practically.

How to furnish the house in 2022

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The world is beautiful because it is varied. And this is confirmed by the five techniques in vogue for furnishing the house in 2022, namely:

  • Minimalism: the proper technique for those who like simplicity;
  • Green & nature: guiding spirit of those most sensitive to the issue of eco-sustainability, attentive to the origin of furniture materials and upholstery, but which, however, do not renounce elegance;
  • Mix & match: expression of someone who likes to mix styles in solid contrast to obtain a unique and personalized home;
  • Maximalism: without rules, it is the technique chosen by those who like to create powerful contrasts between colors, fabrics, furniture, and styles according to the uses and traditions of distant times and places;
  • Upcycling: it’s the technique of creatives who love to customize environments by recycling disused materials and objects.

Furnishing the house: the new trends between sobriety and excess

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Eclectic and decisive colors emerge from the neutral colors of the minimalist style and create new, more energetic, and tenacious decor trends.

These shades are:

  • olive green: to combine with ocher yellow to evoke an exotic effect, or with bronze and gold to evoke elegance.
  • Dark blue: to connect with gold, bronze, and yellow ocher for an elegant result, or white and red to furnish the house in a marine style.
  • Very peri: does Pantone choose the color as the year’s color? It can be combined with gray and bronze for an exclusive and elegant result, but it is also perfect against bright colors such as orange or associated with white and different shades of purple.
  • Scarlet red: can be combined with dark colors to bring back pop style.
  • Fuchsia: to match dark or equally bright colors for whimsical and original results.

Fabrics, accessories, and materials: what’s in fashion?

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In the year of diversity as a resource, plants can be chosen as the only perfect element for each style; fabrics, accessories, and materials must be selected and tailored to the home. For example, velvet and wood accessories will be preferred for a jungle style, or recycled cotton, bamboo, and macramé will be used for a chic boho style.

What styles of furniture are in vogue?

how to furnish the house

And I am speaking of decoration styles, which are the most important?

  • Urban Jungle: the style that brings nature indoors, imposing and wild in the corners of the rooms, but also stamped on the walls.
  • Japan: a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, elegant, simple, and clean, in which wood tones mix with dark and light colors.
  • Minimum: a simple style that favors neutral colors but that is increasingly mixed with other techniques for positive and exclusive results.
  • Boho Chic: combining the bohemian style with other furniture styles, voted for romantic or ethnic results, according to the chosen colors.
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