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How to furnish a holiday home? It depends on several factors, such as location and the available budget. In today’s article, we leave you four ideas for vacation homes by the sea or in the field, low cost or design, and still a perfect suggestion for those who care about the environment.

How to furnish a holiday home by the sea

beach houses

Furnishing a holiday home by the sea means blue on the walls, fishing nets, reproductions of boats and rudders, table centerpieces with shells, and artificial starfish. Still, it also means properly equipping rooms during the holidays, namely:

  • Bedroom: it must be fitted with a quality mattress to rest well;
  • Bathroom: it should be equipped with a shower and bathtub, the first quick and comfortable for adults, the second calming and relaxing for children.

How to furnish a country holiday home

Whether summer or winter, a country holiday home calls for a rustic style, a more natural environment punctuated by elements of local flora and fauna, creating an image linked to the surrounding nature.

country houses

How to furnish a holiday home low cost

Furnishing a low-cost holiday home is an excellent solution, for example, for those who want to decorate an apartment for rent. Your Ikea furniture is perfect for its cost-benefit and ideal for any environment and type of guest: it is known that families value more functional apartments, just as it is known that young couples pay more attention to style and design.

vacation homes for rent

Furniture for a designer holiday home

The right furniture for a designer holiday home consists of a single element, much coveted and desired: the above-ground pool which, equipped with wicker beds and white parasols with peculiar geometric shapes, attracts all types of travelers from explorers looking for relaxation after a day of adventure, to couples looking for a sunny vacation or families with children who want to enjoy privacy and intimacy.

houses with pool

Bonus: 3 decorating ideas for an eco-friendly holiday home

‘Good is beautiful’ is the Maison du Monde line committed to tastefully furnishing but with low environmental impact and offering different decoration solutions for a vacations House. Which?

holiday home furniture
Maison du Monde
  1. Wooden TV cabinet: not too dark, not too light, easy to match, and suitable for any furniture style.
  2. Wooden cloakroom: convenient for both the sea and the countryside, for vacation home rental and holiday homes for personal use.
  3. Solid wood chaise longue: ideal for relaxing in the sun and in front of the fireplace (in autumn/winter holidays).
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