Costa do Sauípe gains strength with domestic tourism and various attractions




Departed, Bahia: Costa do Sauípe gains strength with domestic tourism and various attractions

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With the air network still offering not very attractive prices, Brazilians have taken the opportunity to know better the paradisiacal destinations that attract foreign tourists. One is Costa do Sauipein St. John’s Forest, where the superstructure invites families to enjoy rest days with tranquility and quality on the North Coast of Bahia.

Less than 80 km away from savior and close to other states, such as Sergipe, Costa does Sauipe welcomes guests around various attractions and entertainment options. The resort’s complete infrastructure, with swimming pools and all-inclusive service, is one of the great attractions.

With one of its hotels, the Sauípe Premium Brisa, among the ten best resorts in the country, a destination is an excellent option for those traveling with children. THE Turminha da Zooeira dena space, 100% dedicated to them, offers a complete structure with specialized entertainers, a kid’s restaurant, a children’s pool, and other entertainment options, such as a toy library, arts and cooking workshop, theater,r, and playground.

Another highlight for the little ones is the themed suite of the Blue Building Detectives (DPA)inspired by the children’s show, with decoration that refers to the attraction’s scenarios and even with accessories, such as the uniform of the favorite detectives on TV.

Another recent attraction for guests aged ten and over is the haunted village, where urban legends and myths from the Brazilian Northeast travel, offering yet another option for definitive entertainment. The attraction brings the ambiance based on “Hauntings of Old Recife” by the writer from Pernambuco Gilberto Freyre, which depicts sinister stories of haunted mansions and buildings. Unique sets, projections, sounds, and lighting make the experience even more frightening.

Those who choose to stay in September can enjoy a super program around sports and dance. “Rebecca” offers activities such as Ecological Walk, Slackline, Futmesa, Bike Ride, Tennis, Mega Hydro, Skate, Martial Arts, Running, Footvolley, Dance Class, Beach Tennis, Functional Training, and even Surfing Workshop, held in green areas, on the lawns, on the sand courts, and around the beach that borders the destination.


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