Círio de Nazaré 2022 should generate R$ 100 million in tourism, says Secretariat | Círio de Nazaré – 2022


After two years without the official procession of the Círio de Nazaré in the streets, the expectation of the Secretary of State for Tourism is that religious tourism will again attract pilgrims to the capital of Pará in the first 15 days of October. Setup expects a range of 50 thousand tourists in the period.

According to the agency, the movement should inject US$ 19 million (about R$ 100 million) into the economy.

”The State Tourism Department has been studying since the beginning of the year the best conditions to receive tourists for the Nazaré festivity, at the main access points of the city of Belém, in addition to support actions along state roads to welcome the pilgrim who comes to the Basilica Sanctuary, in addition to planning meetings with the hotel sector, as well as those who work directly with the tourism segment in the region to provide visitors with the best passage through the State of Pará to experience the Círio de Nazaré,” says the owner of Setur André Dias.

The Círio de Nazaré gathers around 2 million people in its main procession on the second Sunday of October. In addition, however, the cultural and religious manifestation has elements that transform the capital of Pará for 15 days.

The program encourages the so-called religious tourism, which is very strong in Brazil due to the traditional pilgrimages that started in the 19th century, with reports of the manifestation of the image of the Virgin Mary, in Aparecida, in the State of São Paulo.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Catholic Church began to encourage pilgrimages through organized events, investments in transportation, and also in the massive advertising of these events with the support of the State.

Exhibitions of symbolic objects should attract visitors

In Belém, among the attractions for visitors are the exhibitions of symbolic objects from previous years’ pilgrimages at the Círio Museum. Anselmo Paes, director of the space, says that since the reopening of the place, the presence of the public has increased.

“Cultural and religious tourism makes the eagerness to know even more about history, such as the experience lived by caboclo Plácido when he found the image of Our Lady of Nazaré by the river, made all of us, as a State Government, prepare a beautiful and welcoming party to welcome tourists during the Nazaré festivities,” comments the director.

The Círio Museum’s collection also inspired an exhibition on food culture, which will take place at Palacete Fasciola. In addition, the facade of the palace will illustrate various banners with images of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré that were taken from the posters housed in the Museum.

The Preamar do Círio program will also have other activities. ”Those who come to Belém will be able to attend exhibitions at the Círio Museum, Museum of Sacred Art, Casa das 11 Janelas, in the Cidade Velha neighborhood, in addition to the Icoaraci District. There will also be a cloaks and banners workshop, and the Theatro da Paz will receive a musical presentation to be announced soon”, adds Anselmo Paes.

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