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From the soft bed to the scratching post to the Tibetan bridge on a wall. These are some cat furniture solutions, sometimes extravagant, but very useful to ensure the well-being of your pet. Pet and the whole family – as well as being essential to protect that new sofa you just bought.

Designer furniture for cats: the Tibetan bridge wall system

Whether to furnish a dedicated room or to create a space in the living room, a wall equipped with tibetan bridge is a valid option for those who have one or more cats at home that tend to climb onto the furniture and, with its wooden structure, represents a solution for cat furniture with a differentiating design.

tibetan bridge cats

Hanging path and cardboard scratching post: DIY cat furniture

buy cat furniture it can be very expensive, but there is a way to save: do it yourself using compatible furniture among the many proposed by the well-known Swedish furniture giant.

cat furniture

What cat furniture can you build with Ikea solutions?

  • suspended paths: a zigzag shelf is enough to reproduce a ladder, a traditional shelf can create a walkway, a cube to be fixed to the wall horizontally can create a bunk bed. The Ikea scratching post can be used to reproduce a Tibetan bridge on which the cat can sharpen its claws;
  • Card Scraper: it can be made by covering a tube with the scratching post sold by Ikea, or – even cheaper – it can be constructed by covering the cardboard tube with jute tape.

iKuddle among the most desired cat furniture of all time


Considered one of the most modern furniture for cats, along with the mat chair, the iKuddle is smart sandbox ideal for those who need:

  • Improve the aesthetics of the environment: Due to its particular igloo-shaped design and colors, it is easy to match any style and decor;
  • Eliminate bad odors from the air: thanks to an integrated deodorizing filter;
  • monitor everything even from a distance: through an application linked to the sensor of the self-cleaning system, which is activated and collects feces 30 minutes after the cat leaves the litter box.

Furniture for cats: cubes of modular design

You cats they love to curl up, climb, hide, but also sleep in the most unthinkable places. For this reason and for the high possibility of customization, the modular wooden cubes represent an excellent decoration solution for cats.

cubes for cats

Furniture for dogs and cats: a bed for two

Against all stereotypes, dogs and cats often share the same house in perfect harmony. However, at the time of choose furniture for dogs and cats and organize your coexistence, it is worth opting for the purchase of a more spacious bed: the cat, due to its authoritarian character, will in fact tend to occupy (and conquer) space reserved for its roommate.

cat beds
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