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Hurricane Wilma in 2005 destroyed many social housing neighborhoods In Mexico. And one of them was the Colonia Donceles de Cancún. Built in the 1980s, this neighborhood was intended for workers in the tourism industry Of region. And now it is being revitalized with the construction of new sustainable buildings such as the Domus Peepem, which stands out for its minimalist design and the swimming pool located on its roof.

This one residential project composed of 14 units, it was designed together by three emerging architecture studios: the Polaris Kiltrothe Wewi Studio and the JC Architecture. Joining forces, the architects managed to develop this housing project, which stands out for its welcoming and minimalist architecture, and which took into account the application of ecological principles.

houses with balcony

facade detail / César Bejar

As a result, two narrow buildings separated by a green space common. Each of the buildings has six one-bedroom apartments and a swimming pool has been installed on the roof. In addition, these residential buildings they also have shops on the ground floor.

Although this area was occupied by single family houses, the team managed to build taller buildings, up to four floors. This is because it is a newly developed lot. Note that the public place opposite the residential project was also refurbished.

ecological houses

Open kitchen and dining table / César Bejar

Using construction methods and materials familiar to local labor, the architects selected a structure and mortar of cement, polished clay, wood and a plastic paste that was used to decorate, creating smooth and textured surfaces that envelop the houses. The natural stone was worked to create soft details in the bathrooms.

You apartments have a compact design that separates the kitchen, living room and dining room from the bedroom, with a slightly higher floor.

houses with pool

Pool / César Bejar

Each unit has a balcony overlooking the neighborhood, adding a sense of security to the plaza, the architects said. In addition, regardless of size, efforts were made to ensure that everyone was worthy apartments and well lit, with natural ventilation and a feeling of spaciousness.

On the third floor, the houses have higher ceilings, with mezzanines above the rooms. In terms of coverage, there is a apartment smaller with direct access to pool.

Minimalist design was also used by architects as a way of reduce costs. In this creative exercise, one of the measures taken was not to use paint, leaving a material similar to the plaster that was used to cover the cement walls protruding.

Hammock inside

A hammock inside / César Bejar

The Kiltro Polaris team selectively contrasted these more neutral materials with tropical wood for the interior finish. Furniture, stone details in the bathrooms and lots of plants were also used in the common areas, next to the stairs. In addition, the building balconies also allow contact with the outside.

The natural feel left by the materials and the overall approach minimalist of design create a serene and comfortable home environment. At the same time, this project also followed the sustainable principlesusing solar panels and motion sensors, as well as various passive house technologies.

minimalist decor

Entrance with stairs / César Bejar

minimalist houses

Residential building facade / César Bejar

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