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If before furnish the house with bookshelves meant to create a space dedicated to books, such as guidebooks, encyclopedias, or novels, today has a different meaning: the shelves serve, above all, to beautify the other rooms of the house. Currently, there are several shelving solutions on the market with an unmistakable designs, making it possible to customize and decorate any room in the house, from the living room to the entrance, through the hallway. Check out these four ideas from original bookshelves to decorate the home.

How to furnish an entrance? With amazing Shelves

Shelves to decorate the house
House and Design

On shelves with a different designs are true objects of art, essential, rich, and impactful. And always valuable for value and furnish the entrance to the house.

Elements with brown and golden wood geometric shapes are ideal for those who want to convey luxury, elegance, and refinement. However, the shelves with geometric shapes in black and white offer a more modern style, which has been a trend in recent years.

Shelves of this type may not contain any objects or be used to place some books, small maps, and decoration elements with simple lines.

Furnish the living room with bookshelves: a sofa with integrated furniture


One of the most original ideas for furnishing a living room with bookshelves is to choose one sofa with integrated furniture. It is a customizable, exclusive model with a design characterized by arms and a backrest designed to accommodate books and other items. Decoration accessories. It is the ideal solution for those who need to place the sofa in the center of the living room but do not like the backrest in sight or for those who want to have a support surface close to them while snuggling on the sofa.

Shelves in the hallway? How to furnish without taking up too much space

wall shelves

Furnishing the hallway with wall shelves is the ideal solution for not taking up space in this house room – especially when the hallway is narrow and long.

A particular idea, highly decorative and recommended for modern-style houses, is to use a suspended bookcase with geometric shapes, as it can create movement and break the monotonous linearity of an area of ​​the house that is flat by its nature.

Shelving with cubes: the furniture for all environments

Shelves to have at home

Finally, we have the shelf with cubesan ideal furniture solution for every room in the house, especially for three reasons:

  1. Create a high-impact environment and have low prices;
  2. It is customizable, so it adapts to any space;
  3. It can be fixed to the wall or placed on the floor.

You can buy cube shelves at Ikea, whether they are already integrated or individual. They are available in different colors and sizes and are compatible with all home styles and decorations.

On the side, the cubes can be decorated with small ceramic cacti (also available at Ikea) and books of different heights vertically and horizontally). In contrast, the surface can be decorated with plants, figurines, and vases.

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