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The creator of re.SK8, Francisco Varela, as a skateboard fan and practitioner, began to realize that every day, a skateboard reached the end of its useful life and became one more waste on the planet. Like skateboard boards, luxury rubbish is made of exceptional wood (Canadian Maple) with various colors and patterns. By reusing the wood of several skateboards, a block of wood with an unrepeatable design is obtained.

The pieces are designed and handcrafted by the brand’s creator, an architect passionate about wood and all that can be made of it. He started by making custom smartphone cases under the GCode symbol, and five years later, in 2020, he created re.SK8. In the portfolio of this very Portuguese brand, there are benches, tables of various sizes, watches, and mobile phone chargers, among other essential objects.

Suppose you are looking for a personalized piece, re.SK8 will develop your project with you, choosing between three different designs: zero waste furniture, full skate furniture, and half skate furniture, and choosing the type of finish: varnish or oil.

Re.SK8 is 100% Portuguese and 100% sustainable, with unique handmade pieces that are part of a circular economy. The raw material comes from waste and old broken skateboards collected at partner skate shops.

At re.SK8, there is new life for skateboard board credits: Portugal is good” data-title=”In re.SK8, there is new life for skateboards – In re.SK8 there is new life for skateboards – SAPO Lifestyle”>
credits: Portugal is good

Tip Portugal is Good

Thinking about a new home or a decoration is much more demanding than it often seems. The decoration gives the environment a unique and elegant look; good organization brings order and efficiency to the daily routine. Furnishing a house implies translating the ideas that excite us into new spaces that satisfy us, the more personalized, eclectic, and full of character and our lifestyle and taste, the more love and joy they give us.

Most people want to make it with materials that resist wearing, are comfortable, practical, and pleasant to look at. Least possible waste, or zero waste.

There is always room for originality and reinterpretation.

Make a table out of construction sawhorses, add old chairs to a modern table, combine an old armchair with folding metal chairs, or opt for furniture made from what would supposedly be junk. But, of course, the ideal will be within your taste to choose a complementary way, so there is not too much rhythm and eye strain and always have the main thing very well controlled – functionality.

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