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Furnishing a small apartment can be a big challenge; however, nowadays, there are numerous solutions to have everything in a small space. From the most classic to the most stunning, countless 2×1 pieces of furniture make life much more comfortable when there’s little space at home.

Classic 2×1 furniture

furniture for small houses

multifunctional furniture is nothing new, but the design has indeed managed to make them have nothing to do with what we saw in our grandparents’ house. The ones of today are, in addition to being very practical, very beautiful. What furniture are we talking about? Some of these:

  • Sofa beds: without a doubt, they are the kings of 2×1 furniture. They allow having a bed for guests when there are no free rooms at home or, directly, they serve to transform the living room into a bedroom when night falls.
  • Double beds with drawers: it is the perfect solution when children are in the house and need to share a room. And not only because of the two beds, but because they can incorporate drawers to store your toys.
  • Mirror furniture: another classic of multifunctional furniture, they are ideal for small bathrooms and storing everyday cleaning and hygiene products.
mirror furniture

Other multifunctional furniture for small apartments

In addition to the classic furniture 2×1 that many of us have at home, many others allow us to optimize every inch. They are transformable furniture that covers infinite needs. There are many examples; these are just a few:

2 in 1 furniture
  • Multifunctional tables: there are very different models, from extendable tables that, when folded into a simple console or desk to those other auxiliaries, rise to a coffee table. And we must not forget those that incorporate storage space or hide practical poufs.
  • 2×1 benches and poufs: in addition to being used for sitting, they are another way to gain storage space and decoratively. Some even convert into beds.
  • Multipurpose headboard: well used, the headboard can also be a good solution. The most classic is the one with built-in tables or lamps. Those looking for something more can opt for those that have small shelves or removable side drawers, perfect for storing books or small belongings.
  • Bed furniture: allow you to solve any space problem in small apartments. In the living room, there are pieces of furniture that, during the day, are a sofa and a bookcase, which hides a folding bed behind it. This structure exchanges the couch for a desk and wa ork area for the bedroom. More practical for a small apartment, but impossible.
  • 2×1 tabletop: There are also efficient multifunctional solutions for the kitchen. An example is countertops or drawers that hide tables or ironing boards.
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